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Lourdes Convent... an introduction
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Goa, India; Lourdes Convent at Saligao

In the heart of Saligao, Bardez, Goa. Lourdes Convent High School is an institution run by the Franciscian Missionaries of Christ the King.

A grand structure, it stands to be one of the best convent schools in the area. The main aims of the school are; primarily, to firstly provide the pupils with training that will make them good future citizens by instilling into them values like honesty, discipline, integrity, leadership; and secondly, to provide them with the academic education.

The motto of the school being "All for God", the pupils are shown the significance of faith in God, and why all religions must intermingle and live as one. You will agree that these are lessons that our nation, today, really needs to learn.

The institution offers pre-primary, primary, middle school and secondary schooling. It owns a well equiped laboratory, and a library too. The school has a basketball ground, softball ground, badminton court and a beautiful garden.

The school has had a very good record. Besides academic studies, the students have excelled in other extra-curricular activities also. Each year, several competitions and contests, like elocution, debates, story- telling and reading are held to enhance the children's talents.

We have The House System, The Student Leadership Squad, A Science club and a Nature club. The Guiding movement has been flourishing in our school since 1965. With the introduction of boys in 1993, the scouts have been shining as well.

The school generally fairs very well in the S.S.C. examination every year.


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Click on the link below if you wish to go to some images from the Convent, including of the current crop of students, and how the institution looks now.
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A recent article in GOA TODAY noted that the Director of Education Dr Celsa Pinto is an alumni of Lourdes Convent, Saligao. An extract from the article 'Single and Successful: It's possible for the 'single-blessed' women to go places' by Cedric Silveira in Goa Today, May 2007 issue...
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Teachers of a past generation (in photo above).

Who's who among the teachers at Lourdes Convent? The 2006 school magazine gives credit to the many hands and minds shaping the current crop of students at this Saligao school. For those interested, here's a list of teachers (click below).
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A note from the Sisters of the Franciscan Missionaries of Christ the King at Lourdes Convent (in a recent issue of RENEWAL) announces some changes in the order of "the Congrgation of Franciscan Missionaries of Christ the King, an indigenous congregation which originated in the slums of Karachi, then a part of India".
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In the April 2005 results, Lourdes Convent secured a pass percentage of 90.3%. Out of the 93 students that appeared, 12 got distinctions and 16, first classes.
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Many students have passed through the portals of Lourdes Convent in Saligao. This school has built up some prominent human talent, and its alumni is now located in various parts of the globe. Below is a list of past-students who attended school during this period. Please note that there would be many other alumni, who might have not passed out from the school and whose names might therefore not figure here (boys were taken only uptil middle school in the past)
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Abu Dhabi-based alumni Zelma K. De Souza narrates her memories of school-life at Lourdes Convent from another decade. She writes: "I remember our school peon, whom I nearly failed to recognise on my last visit to the school. He is such a dedicated guy, can still picture him, giving out the registers and question papers from class to class with his quick walk. I remember the sound of the school bell, the skeleton in the school laboratory, flowers in the sister's garden, the chapel upstairs, the library books and the sand pit on the playground. It is all there in my mind and I think it surely is the same for many ex-students of LCHS."
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In the March 2004 exams, some 85.54% passed. Out of the 83 that appeared, five got distinctions and fifteen got first classes. Distinction students were: Savionne D'Souza 79.60%, Edcina Fernandes 78.53%, Roma Mandrekar 76.66%, Shayani Fernandes 76.53%, and Sheena Barnes 75.86% More details below.
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